John Gilbert & Norma Shearer in He Who Gets Slapped (1924)


Marion Davies impersonates Mae Murray, Lillian Gish and Pola Negri in The Patsy, 1928.

Favourite Leading Ladies:

 ↳ Greta Garbo - 18 September, 1905 - 15 April, 1990

"Her true genius was as a listener, I have frequently observed that the opposite of talking is not listening, but waiting. Garbo reversed this. She actually preferred to listen. She had the ability to concentrate totally on what you were saying, as if nothing else in the world mattered. All else vanished, all that existed was you, and what you were telling her. And I believe that somewhere in that area lies the whole secret of her greatness as a screen actress: the ability to exclude everything but the moment, to exist only for right now, before the camera, or before whomever had captured her interest."