Deborah Kerr and Norma Shearer at the premiere of Young Bess, May 1953


Norma Shearer classily congratulates Vivien Leigh on winning the role of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind.

via the Vivien Leigh archive, V&A, London


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Marion Davies:

Norma Shearer:

Greta Garbo:

John Gilbert & Norma Shearer in He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

Norma Shearer by James Doolittle, c. 1936

Happy Birthday Norma Shearer | 10 August, 1902 - 12 June, 1983

Graciousness and fierceness. Warmth and ambition. Level-headedness and emotional turbulence. These juxtapositions were the essense of Shearer’s personality, and they’d always been at the heart of her appeal. What the talkies did was make explicit what had been quietly apparent in her silent days. Shearer had a fire inside that could not be concealed, that she did not want to conceal. From the beginning, she built for herself a complex screen image that placed her in an ideal position, when the time came, to be the actress who broke down the barriers.


Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Godard and Norma Shearer, 1936