“Ava was like the most fantastic relative, because she didn’t make you pay a price for knowing her. She was the great older sister who just adores you. And spoils you. Her loyalty was devastating. In fact, it could be embarrassing. Because if she was your friend, she would kill for you, and sometimes you didn’t want her to. She believed in the good decent things, she really did. And to the best of her ability, she lived that way.” — Roddy McDowall

Ava Lavinia Gardner | December 24, 1922 – January 25, 1990 

“I like women. And because so much is expected of them (they must be domestic angels, chic, poised, able to accept responsability, yet seem unconcious of it all, all sunshine and roses and frou-frou) I admire them enomoursely.”
- Greer Garson

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Marlene Dietrich on stage with the 3rd Division, 1945

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