Happy Birthday Nancy Carroll | 19 November, 1903 - 6 August, 1965

"You’re sure to run up against a group of people who all think exactly alike, and because you think differently, you’re considered disagreeable, and upstage, and difficult. An original thinker always has to fight."

Greer should be filmed in Technicolor to do her justice. Black and white gives no hint of the burnished copper tones of her mass of fine and fluffy hair, or the whiteness of her skin which portrays a natural red head or the oval depths of her eyes which she insists are the press agent green.

Happy Birthday Constance Bennett | 22 October, 1904 - 24 July, 1965

Never follow fads. There is a difference between novelty and originality. The former is for women who allow others to think for them. The latter is for those who think for themselves.