so i found the old projector and the portable projector screen and now i’m never getting out of bed ever again

this happened one time and I laughed ngl


i made a film poster about my life

“What if I slept a little more and forgot about all this nonsense.”

The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka (via kampfmude)

Here’s a photo of me from way back when. for the benefit of all, I’m sure.

It’s not ‘cause I shouldn’t,

and not ‘cause I wouldn’t,

and you know, it’s not ‘cause I couldn’t.

It’s simply because,

I’m the laziest gal in town.

yourstorytumbler asked: What is your story?

I’m the second child of Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. I grew up in Hollywood in the 40s, on 680 Stone Canyon Drive together with my parents and older sister Helle. My best friend in school was Bill Powell Jr. son to William Powell and Myrna Loy. All us children of the neighborhood had a secret date every Sunday afternoon with a very famous motion picture star, I won’t name names but perhaps you’ll figure it out, who used to bake the most delicious cinnamon buns and treat us to a Swedish “fika”. Contrary to popular belief she was the sweetest lady ever and to quote my good friend Freddie “I cannot, I can NOT, I say, understand anyone who does not like her.” Me and my sister also used to get skiing lessons in Sun Valley by Martin Arrougé, aptly cheered on by auntie Norma.

  • relatives: any boyfriends?
  • me: no
  •  typical conversation at every holiday since I was 5

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It’s not cause I shouldn’t, not cause I wouldn’t, and you know it’s not cause I couldn’t. It simply because I’m the laziest gal in town.