Couple of high-steppers - Claudette Colbert and Walter Pidgeon step out literally for their roles in “The Secret Heart”. This is a sample of their dancing in one of the amusing sequences of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture. It is the Colbert-Pidgeon version of the Big Apple. Robert Z. Leonard directed and the film was produced by Edwin Knopf with June Allyson, Robert Sterling and Marshall Thompson featured. 

Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson, one of the most beloved acting teams of motion pictures were reunited for the first time in 17 years recently on “The Joey Bishop Show” - 28 July, 1967.

Happy Birthday Walter Davis Pidgeon | 23 September, 1897 - 25 September, 1984

On numerous occasions, it has been my pleasure to be bound by the bonds of movie matrimony to a tall, tweedy Canadian gentleman, attached to a pipe. - Greer Garson

Four Generations - Photographed together for the first time are four generations of the Pidgeon family, in Hollywood. Walter Pidgeon, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer star currently appearing in “Soldiers Three” and “The Unknown Man,” stands behind his mother, Sara, his daughter, Edna (Mrs. John Aitkens), and his two granddaughters, Pamela (left), age two-and-a-half, and Patricia (right), age one-and-a-half. The group is at a family gathering at Pidgeon’s home in Hollywood.