Anonymous asked: I stumbled upon a photo that you scanned of Garbo flexing her arm (too cute lol!!). I was just wondering where you scanned it from? Thanks!

Aw, I love that one too, she’s so cute :’33 it’s from Garbo by Ture Sjolander

Anonymous asked: secret anon message

Anonymous asked: how can you watch tcm? I live in Sweden and i can't, here they just have tcm nordic

I don’t…? I only have the nordic one as well and I stopped watching that years ago since it is the most inadequate thing ever

Anonymous asked: In that birthday post, what movie is the color Gregory Peck gif from?

the million pound note :)

Anonymous asked: Could you show us your updated DVD collection?

It really does look a lot like the other one, the whole layout and everything is the same it’s basically just that all the shelves are full now as opposed to a few not being quite so in the last one - maybe I can make a smaller update or something, I’ll look into it :)

Anonymous asked: I'm such a big fan. Your blog is top notch!

thank you! :333

Anonymous asked: Hi! I wondered if you have/know of any video or audio recording of any kind of Greta Garbo speaking Swedish. Because as far as I'm aware there aren't any but maybe you know a bit more than me about that?

Ohhhh, I shall be the bearer of good news - I searched for years and screamed for like a week and a half when i found this, it’s like a sneaky background recording from the small, on board, “press conference” she had when she came back to sweden, i think in 1946 if my memory serves me correctly, it’s a bit noisy etc but you can definitely hear a whole bunch of questions and her subsequent answers, it’s my favourite thing like ever bc everything about it is perfect, especially her stockholm accent <333

Anonymous asked: hej! Im wondering if you have any Robert Taylor movies? I find it really hard to find his movies here in sweden :( if you have any, where do you buy them? Och jag älskar din tumblr !!

i’m afraid i don’t have that many of this films on dvd and of those i have i think it’s only quo vadis i’ve bought from a swedish site. so the only advice i have is like amazon, both the uk and the us one, the us probably has a lot more, i know a few of the ones i have are warner archive releases, but you get free shipping from amazon uk if you by for more than £25 which is good since the shipping from the us one isn’t as pleasant unfortunately. sorry i couldn’t be of more help. och tack <3

Anonymous asked: wow where do you buy all your films?? Like what sites and such, isn't it very expensive?

well to start from the end, sure if you count it all up it’s a fair deal of money but you have to take into consideration that i’ve bought and been given them over like the past 8-9 years and dvds are like what i buy, it’s my thing, that and books, for example when i go on vacation i buy dvds - screw souvenirs!!1! dvds are better - this is why i have like french, spanish, italian etc editions of random films, special mention:

it’s just a great title ok. 

but to answer the first question, there has been so many different places, as i said i have bought many on like different holidays - i’ve bought so many in the states, i spent 2 months in new york a few years ago and came home with 80 films ooop, that was when the virgin megastores were still a thing, rip </3 but then i terms of sites i guess mostly amazon, both the us one and the uk one and various swedish online stores that won’t really be relevant unless you reside in sweden - cdon, discshop mostly. 

hope that answered at least some part of that question! 

Anonymous asked: could you post pictures of your movie room? :3

ok i wasn’t exactly sure what to post since i already have the post with my dvds and that’s the most exciting part of said “movie room” but here’s some more angles~~~

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Anonymous asked: You have great taste, Claudette Colbert is a queen! :)

Thank you so much :’D and yes, she is indeed <3

Anonymous asked: hi do you know where i can watch remember? with greer garson online? without downloading a program or registring a credit card

No, i’m afraid i don’t :/ i think it has been on youtube, but i couldn’t find it now so i guess it’s been taken down.

Anonymous asked: Hej! Jag är också från Sverige och älskar Old Hollywood. Men jag undrar bara om du köper dina dvds region 1 eller 2?? Många filmer som jag vill ha är region 1 och min dvd spelare kan bara spela region 2

Hej! Det är en blandning, men ja en hel del av old hollywood filmerna finns bara i region 1. Jag gjorde min dvd spelare regionsfri, det kanske är något du skulle kunna prova? För regionskoden hos dvd-spelare är bara mjukvara så det handlar bara om att hitta hur man ska programmera bort den, för mig så gick man in på någon speciell del av menyn och tryckte på noll sju gånger så kom det upp ett meddelande i stil med “grattis! din dvd-spelare är nu regionsfri” så mitt tips till dig är att googla på märket och modellen på din dvd-spelare och se ifall det finns några guider på hur man gör den regionsfri :)

Anonymous asked: how old are you?


Anonymous asked: Your doodle is RIDICULOUSLY good. You are clearly awesome.

YOU are clearly awesome ;~~~;