“When Greer Garson starts a picture in a bubble bath, that’s news!” Such was the publicity issued from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on January 16, 1948, as Greer prepared for the opening scene of Julia Misbehaves. As she sat, chatting gaily with the crew before a warm bathtub filled with Ardena Fluff Milk Bath while her hairdresser, Edith Hubner, swept her hair up into a curly mass, she seemed like her old self. She was pleased that despite a “No admittance” sign on the sound stage door, a steady line of friendly well-wishers crowded their way into the eight-foot-square replica of an English bathroom. While Jack Conway and Joe Ruttenberg prepared to film the scene, prop man Tony Ordoqui kept filling the tub with bubbles. Irene was there to check on Greer’s skin-colored bathing suit. Al Block, the studio censor, moved about nervously, anxiously second-guessing the Production Code’s view on modesty. Finally Conway shooed everyone out except Walter Pidgeon. “After all,” Pidgeon argued, “as an actor who has been married to Greer Garson four times, I should have some privileges.”

A Rose for Mrs. Miniver: The Life of Greer Garson - Michael Troyan

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