"Two diamond rings worth a total of about $75,000 were stolen from actress Greer Garson while she was at a beauty shop, the sheriff’s office in Palm Desert, Calif., reported. Miss Garson told deputies she took off the two rings and her wedding ring and left them in a tray before she got a manicure. She left the shop forgetting to put the rings back on. The actress said she returned to the shop when she remembered she had left the jewelry, but only her wedding ring could be found."


Greta Garbo’s famous profile photographed 20 years apart

sometimes i think the amount of photos i have of greer on my computer is frightening but then i’m like nahhhhhhhh

No need to worry about “Auntie Mame.” However Greer Garson’s characterization may differ from or be similar to Rosalind Russell’s original, “Auntie Mame” remains “Auntie Mame,” The frenzied change of costumes and wigs demanded of the actress endeavoring to get through the evening as Auntie Mame never intrudes upon Miss Garson’s tranquility or spirited romping, whichever the scene may at the moment demand. From strawberry blonde and lounging pajamas of the opening cocktail party, to silver gray and sari of the close, Miss Garson is in personal command of herself, her performance and the play. Knowing that a tour de force is demanded, she presents one, her own, and it’s good. In fact, it’s extremely pleasant to see Miss Garson in something other than her screen personality. At the Broadhurst, she is an actress of verve, style, chorus girl bite, a comedienne of perfect timing and extraordinary energy. No “Mrs. Miniver” this, and vive la difference. - Variety February 26, 1958

James Garner at Disneyland, 1950s.

Greer Garson, M-G-M star, shown as she left yesterday for Ottawa, Canada, from Los Angeles. Miss Garson will help raise a $600,000,000 victory loan for the Canadian government. Miss Garson expects to be gone for several weeks. Her last picture, ‘Mrs. Miniver,’ was rushed so that Miss Garson could make the jaunt - February 21, 1942.

Carole Lombard and Cary Grant in In Name Only (1939)