It’s Shirley McLaine guyssssss

was at the ucla archives today and saw greer on the steve allen show and they were doing a commercial as if directed by elia kazan basically greer doing a brando impression in skinny pants and a leather jacket and I don’t think I will ever be the same again

saw a taping of hot in cleveland yesterday aka


Anonymous asked: In that birthday post, what movie is the color Gregory Peck gif from?

the million pound note :)

jeanssimmions asked: was Greer's hair really red?? IF IT WAS I WANT IT!

Yes, certainly was 

Deborah Kerr and Norma Shearer at the premiere of Young Bess, May 1953

memo from F.C. Richardson to Fred Leahy arguing that most of Claudette Colbert’s wardrobe should be made outside of the studio since “Miss Colbert considers Edith Head an Art Student, has no faith in her designing ability,” February 1, 1940