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gingermalarkey asked: Rather random questionnaires but I am watching Pride and Prejudice right now and I was wondering what you think of it?

Haha, no problem - well I am guessing you mean the Greer version, right? Hmm, what do I think of it - honestly, I’ve only seen it like maybe once or twice? and that a whiiiile ago, but that’s not really bc of that specific adaptation, it’s more that I’ve never really had an affinity for P&P on the whole, I read it in school and I saw the Keira Knightley version when that came out (have not seen the BBC series which I hear is the best one but I doubt I’ll see it oop) ANYWAYS, I do love Greer’s performance (SURPRISE) I don’t really have any problems with the fact that she was ~*~more mature~*~ than Lizzie is in the book, i still think that she managed to capture that lively, intelligent, witty, playful, attractive personality of Lizzie in the book, and I don’t have a problem with the costumes etc not being “”period accurate”” which a lot of people seem to have a lot of issues with nowadays, I mean it’s a Hollywood movie from 1940, what were you expecting?? This is movie magic, if Adrian makes fab puffy dresses that swooshes amazingly, who cares if they were actually more of the style of dresses from 20-30 years later than the setting of the book - THEY SWOOSH. 

Anyways, idk if i really said anything there but let’s end with the new york time’s review of greer’s performance bc Y E S:

Greer Garson is Elizabeth—’dear, beautiful Lizzie’—stepped right out of the book, or rather out of one’s fondest imagination: poised, graceful, self-contained, witty, spasmodically stubborn and as lovely as a woman can be.

(actually got an urge to watch it again after reading that excellent review ^^)

ALSO, Marsha Hunt totally kills it as Mary, she’s freaking hilarious :’DD

Walter’s complete indifference to worry bothered me a little when we first began working together. I remember how just before one very emotionally tense scene, Walter strolled me nonchalantly away from the set and related a hilarious tale about a bear in a barber shop. I couldn’t help laughing and the tension was broken. Although to be even momentarily distracted from important “drahmah” seemed to me then supreme lese majesty. Having then only recently arrived in America, those were my days of more dignified mien. A relationship Walter promptly exploded between the two of us by addressing me as “The Duchess,” as he still does, alternating occasionally with, “Hey, Red!”

Hollywood Park president Mervyn LeRoy (left) with Mrs. Buddy Fogelson, Mrs. LeRoy and Buddy Fogelson as they arrived for Directors’ Room opening day festivities - May 14, 1964.

Happy 110th Birthday Greer Garson | 29 september, 1904 - 6 april, 1996

Why did I become an actress? I think because I am fascinated by the variety and scope of human experience. I am not content to live just one existence. I have always had a strong imagination and in my roles I feel that I live other lives. And the hazards and disappointments of an acting career and the solemn dissuasions of all my friends and advisers were a challenge. It has not been easy, but I believe that the best kind of success is not won easily and that a few hard knocks on the way are good for the soul. When I look back on some of my bitterest disappointments I realize that, in the long run, they were really strokes of good fortune. Things eventually turned out far better than if I had achieved what seemed so desperately important at the moment. So I believe that as one door closes, another will open.


“My characters aren’t crazy, it’s just that they have a different dream. A different thing that they wanted out of life, and they’re confused as to why it doesn’t happen. And how they found themselves in this position where they’re marching out of step to everyone else.” ―Gena Rowlands

even though i am still in denial, i made this…










But referring to pets getting a Hollywood front, what about Greer Garson’s cat bungalow? She put it on a small trailer, and when she went vacationing recently the trailer was tacked onto her car. “If Byron could travel over Italy with his pet goose, I’m going to take my cats!” Greer exclaims.

Rosemary Clooney. Photographed by Herman Leonard. New York, 1952.

"The final sequence, in which she tackles a young runaway in the mud, received as much publicity as her long-ago watery plunge in Remember? The Hollywood Citizen-News reported, "Greer Garson, who has to tackle a small boy in the mud for MGM’s Scandal at Scourie, says she’s been sliding in the mud so much, she’s being scouted by the Los Angeles Rams." Indeed, she proudly produced a letter signed by Tommy Prothro, the head coach: "We have been on a nationwide search for a head cheerleader for our football team. We have finally found one. Please get in shape for the season. We are training at Long Beach State College… Would you be interested in rooming with the football team?"

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